Xiaomi Mi 6

Mi6Xiaomi Mi6 one of the new flagship phone from Xiaomi comes with the latest Snapdragon 835 chip with a 6GB RAM andIt seems like the design of the Mi 6 is an evolution of the design language from the Mi 4 and Mi 5. While the Mi 4 introduced a metal frame, the Mi 5 combined the metal frame with a 3D glass back and this design has been refined to death so as to the side seam of the phone doesn’t dig into one’s palms. It is also very well built as its metal frame and glass back add a level of heft to the device which make it balanced.

The glossy glass back also makes for an attractive phone, however, it will be a crazy smudge magnet. But again that’s something of a norm in the industry. There’s also ceramic version of the phone which is sturdier, but also heavier.

The display which dominates the front-end of the phone also gets a make over. It retains the same 5.15-inch size and the same 1080p resolution but its colours are much nicer and while doing so it also has the leg up on the Mi 5 in terms of brightness.

Xiaomi has also improved the fingerprint scanner on the front which now is wide and has a hefty chasm for the finger to nestle in. We think this is a much better solution than the narrow and stiff button that Xiaomi had last year on the Mi 5.

Finally, Xiaomi has picked an unfortunate cue from Apple; there’s no 3.5mm jack which means one would need to depend on either the USB type C port for audio or Bluetooth. This phone is also Xiaomi’s first splash proof smartphone, which means that you can use it while it rains.